Your Bridal Fitness Journey
is About To Begin...

IMPORTANT: Read below to see what comes next…

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If you have not already opened the email with your 3-days free voucher, please check your inbox. You will need to show us this voucher when you come in so that we can activate your sessions. (IMPORTANT: If you don’t see it in your main inbox, be sure to check the “promotions” tab or “junk folder.")


Also, inside of that email you will find instructions for getting started, including a short health questionnaire. It will also ask you to let us know the date and time you will be attending your first session. Spots fill up quickly, so be sure to follow these instructions and schedule your first session right away.


Now that you have taken action toward your wedding fitness plan, we wanted to give you a chance to UPGRADE your 3 Days Free Voucher to our "21 Day Rapid Gown Slim Down" program at a 54% discount.

You see, three days of boot camp will do a lot for you (actually, it’s pretty amazing how big of a difference three days can make) but you and I both know that you’ll need more than just three days to see a full transformation.

And that’s why I want to tell you about our super popular "21 Day Rapid Gown Slim Down" program real quick...


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Upgrade to Our "21 Day Rapid Gown Slim Down" program & Save 54% 

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Yes, I'm Ready to Get Amazing Arms, Shapely Shoulders and a Flat Belly in Time for My Wedding!

I understand that when I act now, I get registered for the
"21 Day Rapid Gown Slim Down" Program that includes:

  • 21 Consecutive Days of Unlimited Training Sessions

Each of our sessions last only 45 minutes so that they can fit into the busiest of schedules for work, school, wedding planning, etc.

  • Daily "In Fitness & In Health" Bridal Inspirational Newsletter

This is a long time favorite of my boot camp brides. Read inspirational stories of other brides who have been in your exact situation. They will inspire, uplift and motivate you along with keeping you focused and give you tools and ideas to make your wedding day fitness dreams come true.

  • Official "Fit For Success Guide" to Keep You On Track & Focused

_ When it comes to your wedding day, you have a lot on your mind and it's easy to get off track. It includes a goldmine of helpful tips and information including a fitness timeline that can be a huge help in planning out the pre-wedding events you care about the most -- dress fittings, engagement photos, bridal portraits, and more! The official Bridalicious® Fit For Success Guide has been called a "game changer" by many of my past brides.

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I Also Understand That When I Act Now,
I Also Get These Bonus "Wedding Gifts":

We understand that sometimes life is going to happen and you won't be able to make it in for a session you planning on doing. This is why we created these home boot camp workouts and exercise videos. Now you can get in your workout no matter what life throws at you 🙂 And that's just one of the exciting bonuses you get. Check all of them out...


Bridal Trifecta™
Home Workout Videos

Bridal Trifecta™ = Arms, Shoulders, Back

Get strapless gown ready with sculpted arms, sexy shoulders and a shapely back.

If your gown is strapless, Bridalicious® workouts are exactly what you are looking for! Doug nicknamed the three key areas that you need to be toned, tight and sculpted as (1) arms, (2) shoulders (3) back -- aka "The Bridal Trifecta." These home video workouts have Doug's best moves and most effective combinations of exercises tested out over the past thirteen years!


Hot Honeymoon Abs
Home Workout Videos

Strut down the beach with your new husband
feeling sexy and confident in your swimsuit.

Sculpt, shape and firm up those abs to be ready for the honeymoon beach with the Bridalicious® Hot Honeymoon Abs workouts. Each exercise is demonstrated and explained for you step-by-step so you can get maximum results as quickly as possible. Your man will not be able to keeps his hands off you.


Fat Blasting Bridal Blast™
Home Workout Videos

Burn calories and blast body fat with the
Bridalicious® Bridal Blast exercises!

The Bridalicious® workout method is based around the "Bridal Blast." These are short bursts of high-intensity exercises that supercharge your metabolism to burn more calories and blast away unwanted body fat fast! These videos explain each exercise to make them easy to understand and get you the fat destroying results you want and deserve. Get ready to set your metabolism on fire!

Accountability Coach + Wedding Fat Loss Expert

You get easy access to Doug Rice, founder of Bridalicious and Wedding Fat Loss Expert. Doug will answer your specific questions -- one-on-one. "I absolutely love helping brides get fit and shape up, and I'm here to be your accountability coach and help you get through the hurdles and rough patches. It's what I do, and I am passionate about it!"

$149 VALUE

Your "Fitness Witness" aka "Bridal Body Buddy"

Social support is a major factor to success in fat loss and other challenging goals. Much more powerful than just chatting on social media, Bridalicious® offers a totally unique opportunity to share, connect and support brides in your exact situation. Countless brides have made lifelong friends after first meeting them at Bridalicious® Boot Camp.

VALUE: Priceless!

9 Critical Fat Burning Tips Every Bride Should Know

The Truth About What to Eat for Rapid Fat Loss No matter how hard your workouts are or how consistent you are in doing them on a regular basis,in order to transform your body and shed that unwanted body fat that will simply ruin your look inyour wedding gown, you must eat in ways that support your fitness goals.

This eating program is fantastic because it will really help you bust those plateaus and reach



Try our program for 30 days and if you don’t get results or you aren’t completely satisfied for any reason, we’ll refund every penny.

No Hassles. No Hard Feelings.

That’s how confident we are that you will absolutely love our program!

I understand that the regular price for all of this is $147...

But if I act now, I get everything for only $67, over 54% OFF!

Normally $147
Now Just $67!

Save 54% OFF Regular Price TODAY

-> REGISTER FOR THIS PROGRAM100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

 Hurry Before We Take This Offer Down!

See What Other Brides Are Saying About Bridalicious Boot Camp...

“I was horrified at the thought of looking fat in my wedding photos! In less than 8 weeks my my pants went from a size 10 to a size 4! And it just got better from there. By my wedding day I had lost 32 lbs and even my ring size went down from a 7 to a 6. Thank you so much for everything, Doug!!! You rock!!” - Angie P.

“I didn’t just lose 40 lbs — I got RID of them! When I put on my wedding dress, I didn’t have the awkward “back fat” or the “arm pit hangover” either. Bridalicious Boot Camp changed my life!”
– Jackie L.

“I lost 40 pounds! On my wedding day, I was so confident. I was really feeling good about myself. I put my dress on, and that zipper just went, “zzzip” — the way that it should — I was just so proud and I couldn’t wait to show my fiancé!” - Taryn B.

“Before discovering Bridalicious boot camp, I tried everything I could. I bought so many different weight loss programs from infomercials, it was crazy. Signing up for boot camp was the smartest thing I ever did to get in shape for my wedding!”
- Hilary C.

"I honestly enjoyed the workouts and got instant results. Words cannot express how amazing I felt on my wedding day and how fantastic it was to hear all the compliments I received.”
- Kim P.

Normally $147
Now Just $67!

Save 54% OFF Regular Price TODAY

-> REGISTER FOR THIS PROGRAM100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

 Hurry Before We Take This Offer Down!

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Where is boot camp located?

We are super excited to have recently moved to a beautiful new indoor facility -- Extreme Studio Performance. On nice weather days, we also use the outdoor areas of our location.

Extreme Studio Performance (ESP) is less than a mile west of The Galleria.

4435 McEwen Road
Farmers Branch, TX 75244

There are showers and a large dressing room available.

What is your schedule?

Morning Boot Camp

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
5:45 AM 

8:00 AM

All boot camp members may attend unlimited workouts at any time above.

How long are the workouts?

All boot camp sessions are 45 minutes.

How can I get hold of you if I have a question?

We answer questions promptly by email via our CONTACT form. Your questions are important to us, and we WILL get back to you.

I am out of shape, can I still do the program?

The answer is YES, YES, and YES. This might be one of most frequently asked questions of them all.

Throughout our history of boot camp starting in 2005, about 70-80% of those starting were "out of shape." The great thing is that whether you are a workout warrior or totally out of shape, you will love the results.

What if I can't make it to all of the sessions?

No worries! Most participants miss sessions from time to time. If you can make it at least 2-3 times per week you can get great results. There are also home workouts available to you.

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$147 Now Only $67!

REGISTER FOR THIS PROGRAM100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!