Smoothie Drinks Essentials

If you are planning on trying out some of the smoothie recipes I’ll be posting, you might want to shop for some of the most common ingredients that I like to use:

Bananas – This is the most important fruit for smoothies in my view. It gives the drink a good consistency.
Raspberries– Delicious and adds great flavor to cover up some of the other ingredients that are not as tasty.
Blueberries – Super healthy berry with antioxidants.
Strawberries – Another great choice for many recipes.
Blackberries – The flavor is actual minimal, but very good for you.
– Delish
Watermelon – Not exactly a classic smoothie fruit, but can be used from time to time.
Pineapple – Not a personal favorite of mine, but if you like it, can be good.
Dates – A bit adventurous, but can be really great with the right recipe!
Avocado – Adds some healthy fats, and smoothness too.
– See comments on watermelon above.

Baby spinach – The green I use the most because the taste does not
take over your drink.
Kale – Yes, it’s super healthy, but proceed with caution when adding it
to your smoothie. Can really affect the taste.
Collards  – not bad…but don’t go overboard with the amount.
Broccoli – Better have a good, strong blender to make sure you get it smooth enough
Celery – one of those greens that can take over the taste of the whole drink
Bok Choy – Haven’t tried this in a smoothie yet, but it is so darn nutritious, it would be great to use.
Watercress  – Another green I have yet to add into a smoothie yet, but another totally good for you green to work into your plan if possible.

Almonds – Watch out, you need to really run that blender a while to crush them up.
Walnuts – Unlike almonds, these things blend right in.
Pecans – I don’t use these often because not nearly as beneficial to health as almonds or walnuts.
Cashews – I love cashews. I almost can’t keep them around because I will eat a whole bag every day.
Sunflower seeds – Don’t blend well so use these under advisement.
Hemp seeds – Not exactly my fave, but feel free to try these for a change.
Chia seeds – These are good, and lots of healthy benefits.
Flax meal – Use when you want a thicker consistency, but just don’t overuse it.

Unsweetened Plain or Vanilla Almond Milk  
Chocolate almond milk 
Coconut flakes
Whey or Egg White Protein Powder