Bridalicious® Boot Camp is powered by The Bridefecta™ Method

The Bridefecta Method™ is the all-in game plan to get you in shape for your wedding physically and mentally by focusing on the three core pillars to success: Move, Meals and Mind.
Each pillar has been carefully crafted and developed through years of research and testing to get the perfect formula for the ultimate bridal body!


I am passionate about making your wedding day special. You need to feel beautiful and confident. I have spent years developing and enhancing The Bridefecta™ Method with you in mind. Now it's here, ready for you to take advantage of all those years of research and testing to bring you to best system ever developed for wedding dress perfection. Let's do some sweating for the wedding and size down that gown!

No quitting 'til the final fitting!

Thousands of brides across the country have used my system to 
tone, tighten and lose unwanted body fat -- fast! Are you ready to transform yourself into a breathtaking bride!?!

"I was horrified at the thought of looking fat in my wedding photos!"

“In less than 8 weeks my body fat went from 32% to 24%, and my pants went from a size 10 to a size 4! By my wedding day I had lost 32 lbs. Thank you so much for everything, Doug!!! You rock!!”

Angie P.

I lost inches around my hips and waist and my arms were toned!”

“After the first boot camp workout,I was hooked. I've never had such an intense, full body, fun workout! Every time I went to a dress fitting, they asked if I had lost weight.”

Courtney P.

"On my wedding day, I was so confident!"

“I lost 40 pounds! On my wedding day, I was so confident. I was really feeling good about myself. I put my dress on, and that zipper just went, “zzzip” — the way that it should — I was just so proud and I couldn’t wait to show my fiancé!”

Taryn B.