Brandi Melts Off Her “Back Fat” and More!

Doug Rice:
What thoughts went through your mind and what was your reasoning when you decided — I need to start getting in shape for my wedding?

Brandi Samples: I wasn’t happy with the way I looked or felt with my current body and decided I didn’t want that to be a concern or feeling on my wedding day.  I needed to make some changes and get back on track with my health and fitness and what was more motivating that dress shopping!  I purchased my dress in January and promised myself to work hard so I felt beautiful in it on my wedding day.

DR: The day you tried on your first wedding dress, what thoughts went through your mind regarding your fitness?

BS: My first thought was wow, it’s worse than I thought!  I had a lot of work to do!

DR: What are your top two secrets to your success that you would like to share with other brides?

BS: Don’t skip your workouts.  No matter how much you don’t feel like doing it, afterwards you will be so glad you did.  It’s worth it!

Keep track of what you are putting in your body.  My Fitness Pal is a great app that helped me get on track with my food and awareness of calories.  I logged my food every day.

DR: What would you say was the most memorable compliment(s) you received from someone either the day of your wedding or some time after you started getting results from your workouts? Please be specific.

BS: It was each dress fitting, my alteration lady Ruth.  I started boot camp right after ordering my dress.  My dress arrived, first fitting and it was tied up as much as possible and it just hung on me.  She was like wow, I have some work to do on this, what have you been doing.  She thought they ordered the wrong size dress even.  Second fitting, she asked how much more do you plan to lose, I’m having to recreate the dress.  Final fitting, she rocked, it fit like a glove!  Ruth told me how impressed she was with watching my journey and that all the hard work paid off and showed with all the inches she had to take in.  Dress fittings were exciting, yet very terrifying and Ruth’s comments really motivated me to keep it up and that it was making a difference.

DR: What would you say to someone who is confused or just does not know how or where to begin her bridal fitness journey?

BS: Join Bridalicious Boot Camp and show up, just get day one behind you!  It’s the hardest day and honestly the results will be motivation enough to keep you coming back!  Let Doug do all the fitness work, just do what he says!

DR: How was your personal health and fitness before starting your bridal fitness journey?

BS: It was a roller coaster.  I was battling a recent diagnosis of hypothyroidism and trying to find the right dosage of meds.  I had won the Biggest Loser at work with a loss of 20lbs.  I fell off the wagon right after which was during candy haven Halloween and found myself with most of the weight back by Christmas which is when I got engaged.

DR: What did you achieve during your bridal fitness journey?

BS: I felt more in shape than I had in years.  I not only looked better, but I felt better.  I had gotten physically stronger, but also mentally stronger.  I pushed myself harder than I had before or even thought I could.  Most of all I liked how I looked and felt which I didn’t before my journey began!  I learned I can do anything for 20 seconds…