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Jackie Ditches the Weight For Good!

“I didn’t just lose 40 lbs.—I got RID of them!”

“When I put on my wedding dress, I didn’t have the awkward “back fat” or the “arm pit hangover” either. Bridalicious Boot Camp changed my life!”

– Jackie L., Dallas[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Kim Saw Instant Results!

“I honestly enjoyed the workouts!”

“Bridalicious Boot Camp workouts were absolutely the best thing I could have done before my wedding. I honestly enjoyed the workouts. Between that and the instant results I saw, and I was hooked. Words cannot express how amazing I felt on my wedding day and how fantastic it was to hear all the compliments I received.”

– Kim P., Dallas[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Taryne Exudes Confidence Down the Aisle!

“On my wedding day, I was so confident!”

“I lost 40 pounds! On my wedding day, I was so confident. I was really feeling good about myself. I put my dress on, and that zipper just went, “zzzip” — the way that it should — I was just so proud and I couldn’t wait to show my fiancé!”

– Taryne B., Dallas[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Nicole Lost Over 35 Pounds!

“In all of my wedding preparations, this is the one I am most thankful for.”

“Since starting Bridalicious Boot Camp, I’ve lost over 35 pounds and so thankful for a healthier lifestyle and feeling confident in my wedding dress! Instead of feeling self-conscious in my strapless gown and taking all those pictures, I can’t wait to walk down the aisle in front of friends and family. In all my wedding preparations, this is the one I am most thankful for.”

– Nicole C., Dallas[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Tyler’s Feeling The Freedom!

“On my wedding day, I felt amazing!”

“On my wedding day I felt amazing. For the first time ever, I was able to enjoy every minute of the night without worrying about how many chins I’d have in my photos. I always knew that my wedding was going to be the biggest motivator to finally lose weight and tone up. I came such a long way in such a short period of time. Bridalicious Boot Camp saved me. Thanks, Doug!”

– Tyler S., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Stefanie Gets All-Over Toning!

“I’ve gotten more toned from this workout.”

I’ve worked out in gyms with personal trainers before, but this is the most effective workout I’ve had in the shortest period of time!! The boot camp workout is different. I’ve gotten more toned from this workout. I see a lot more tone in my arms, and in my back!!

– Stefani Q., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Angie Loves Her New Smaller Numbers!

“I was horrified at the thought of looking fat in my wedding photos!”

“In less than 8 weeks my body fat went from 32% to 24%, and my pants went from a size 10 to a size 4! And it just got better from there. By my wedding day I had lost 32 lbs and even my ring size went down from a 7 to a 6. Thank you so much for everything, Doug!!! You rock!!”

– Angie P., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Countless Inches Off!

“The minute I got engaged I thought ‘oh I’ve got to lose a ton of weight for my wedding!”

“I read all the testimonials of Doug’s Boot Camp and I thought this sounded like a great program, but I never thought I’d get in shape the way I did. In a few short months of boot camp I lost 17 pounds and countless inches off from head to toe. Everything got smaller, tighter, lifted you name it. I’ve never felt in better shape than I did the day of my wedding.”

– Karina V., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

So Many Compliments For Joy!

“Hey Doug, I owe you a HUGE THANK YOU!! I received so many compliments during the weekend of my wedding!”

“The best story was my good friend I grew up with back home said my back and arms looked amazing! I thought she was joking and giving me a hard time because she knew about the the bridal boot camp workouts I was using. But it turned out that I never told her about it. She was honestly admiring my back and arms!!”


Kimi’s Triceps are Visible From Afar!

“I looked fabulous in my dress!”

“During the ceremony a guest told me she could see my defined triceps from the back row! My wedding day was the most amazing day of my life and I attribute a huge part of it to the Bridalicious boot camp workouts and the confidence it gave me by looking fabulous in my dress!”

– Kimi B., Dallas[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Hilary Kicks Her Weight Loss Into High Gear!

“Signing up for boot camp was the smartest thing I ever did to get in shape for my wedding!”

“Before discovering Bridalicious boot camp, I tried everything I could. I bought so many different weight loss programs from infomercials, it was crazy. I even went to personal trainers and nothing was working. Bridalicious Boot Camp was the only thing that kicked my weight loss into high gear. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if I had decided not too.”

– Hilary C., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Rocking Her Honeymoon Bikini!

“I went from a size 10 to a size 4!”

“And on my honeymoon, I wore a bathing suit and I felt so confident! I haven’t worn a bikini in years, and I looked great. Results came fast! I went from a size 10 to a 4, and lost 30 pounds!!! Thank you Doug!”

– Lindsey S., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Perfect Cake-Cutting Muscles!

“I looked perfect, all because of Bridalicious Boot Camp!”

“When I first tried my wedding dress on, I had that hang-over flab in the back. Then I saw the pictures of me cutting my wedding cake – you can see the muscles in my back! I looked perfect. All because of Bridalicious Boot Camp.”

– Joanna H., Fort Worth[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

The Beginning of a Healthy Lifestyle!

“I achieved a body I never thought possible!”

“I never thought that working out could be so rewarding and at the same time so much fun. My arms, back, and legs are all toned, and best of all no more love handles! I was able to walk down the aisle to my soon to be husband feeling a sense of accomplishment because I had never worked so hard for anything in my life. It has forever changed a girl who HATED working out. I now have a new view towards not only fitness, but the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.”

– Solange P., Dallas[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Ashley Drops 4 Sizes in 39 Days and 16 Workouts!

“I felt sooooo beautiful at my wedding!”

“I went shopping because none of my pants fit anymore, and I had to buy a size 6 for the first time ever! This is a BIG deal for me. Very exciting:-) I felt sooooooooo beautiful at my wedding, all thanks to you, Doug! Thank you so much for everything:-)”

– Ashley M., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Michelle Finally Finds Something That Works!

“I lost a total of 15 inches in three months (5 inches in my waist)!”

“Before discovering bootcamp, I tried everything I could – I bought so many different weight loss programs from infomercials it was crazy. I even went to personal trainers and nothing was working. Doug’s bridal bootcamp was the only thing that kicked my weight loss into high gear.”

– Michelle S., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Hooked After Just One Workout!

“I lost inches around my hip sand waist and my arms were toned!”

“My routine workouts were getting stale, and I knew I needed to find something different to get that svelte, defined, and toned look I was going for. After the first boot camp workout, I was hooked. I’ve never had such an intense, grueling, full-body, and fun workout!  After only 3 months of bootcamp I was in the best shape of my life, but I kept it up for 2 more months because it was working so great. Every time I went to a dress fitting they asked if I had lost weight. With the stress of planning a wedding, I loved that I only needed 3 workouts a week.”

– Courtney P., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

It’s an Enjoyable Experience!

“I wanted to look amazing in my dress and I knew I needed something to jump-start my weight loss.”

“As the workouts progressed, I really began to enjoy myself. That was a feeling I’d never ever had before when working out. Doug is tough yet encouraging, a combo which makes him such a great motivator. Not only did I feel gorgeous on my wedding day, but I gained so much confidence in myself and my abilities.”

– Becky M., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Andrea Loses 18 pounds and Gains Confidence!

“After getting engaged, I knew I had to do something, and fast!”

“Like every bride, I wanted to look fabulous in front of my family and friends. The first thing I did was join a gym and start personal training sessions, but after 6 weeks, the results were poor. I decided to try Bridalicious Boot Camp. After only a month I noticed I was getting fast results! By the time I had my dress fitting, I was 3 sizes smaller than I had been previously. By my wedding I had lost 18 pounds, but more importantly, had gained an amazing self-confidence. ”

– Andrea H., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Overwhelmed with Happiness!

“Tears just flowed down my face because I never felt so beautiful as the day my dress finally fit me!”

“Within two weeks I had lost inches off my waist. Doug and his Bridal Bootcamp were my savior from becoming a Bridezilla, unhappy at her own wedding. I am a size 4/6 and I can say proudly that I am under 130 lbs (I started out over 150 and a size 12 – yikes!). I even wore a bikini for my honeymoon, the first time ever in my life!!!”

– Malisa M., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

The Most Beautiful Bride Ever!

“It made me feel really, really beautiful on my wedding day and really believe that I was the most beautiful bride ever!”

“I dropped 17 pounds and my muscle definition is out of control awesome. For my wedding, I wanted to wear a really deep “V” in the back, and I’ve never really had good muscle definition in my back, so, I wanted to make sure I looked awesome in my wedding dress, and people who had no idea that was my goal were coming up to me at the end of my wedding asking me what I’ve been doing because my back looked fantastic.”

– Hollie C., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box]

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