Bridalicious on ABC-8 News DFW

DALLAS – As the temperatures warms up, the wedding season starts to sizzle. And, we caught up with ladies at Lee Park in Dallas who are sweating for the wedding.

It’s a new trend called Bridalicious Boot Camp.

“When I first got myself into this, I thought, ‘What have I done?!” Taryne Bolton said.

She was a stressed out bride-to-be, and the last thing she needed was more stress, but she endured a boot camp instructor yelling at the top of his lungs.

Instructor Doug Rice uses intense intervals of cardio and weights to target the back, arms and shoulders.

“It’s called the ‘bridal trifecta,'” Rice said. “Those three areas exposed in strapless gowns.”

Taryne decided she had to look picture perfect in her strapless gown, when all other attempts to lose weight had failed.

“I decided, you know, now is the time,” she said. “I really do want to look good, because of all the days – you know you are a girl, you’ve been dreaming about it for your entire life – and of all the days you want to look good, your wedding day is that day.”

Taryne’s before-and-after pictures show her fit and fabulous. She walked down the aisle 40 pounds lighter after six months of boot camp.

She remembers staring in the mirror at her new body after getting into her smaller wedding dress.

“Oh my gosh, my eyes got huge,” she said. “I was just so proud.”

The boot camp is boosting confidence, and resources.

“It’s fun, especially if you are about to get married,” said bride-to-be Nicole Cox. “I had advice on photographers, on caterers – it was a perfect resource to be able to ask questions.”

Now, friends are asking Cox how she slimmed down, 90 days before her wedding. She admits it came from a lot of the one-hour workouts, which are held Monday through Saturday.

“I just was hoping to lose a little weight, and had no clue it would change my lifestyle,” Cox said. “[It changed] how I ate, my diet, and then losing 35 pounds was definitely a plus!”

Cox just returned from her honeymoon in Italy, and her new body is inspiring others, like Cally Underwood, who gets married May 5.

How much weight does she want to lose?

“Oh, maybe five more pounds,” she said. “Tone up – get these arm flubs off.”

Those engaged to be married don’t want to falter until they alter, pushing through the pain after seeing the results of brides who feel a sense of accomplishment. Taryne is still glowing.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I did it!’ she said. “I’m not gonna lie, my dress was gorgeous and so I looked good!”

There’s nothing that motivates a woman more than knowing she will be wearing a white dress for all eyes to see.

Rice is tough, but underneath his body of steel, he’s a teddy bear.

“It’s almost like I’m the proud papa,” Rice said. “It’s not me that does it. It’s them. They get all the credit for the accomplishment, but I feel like at least I played that role, and I was the one who was like their mentor.”

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